Wilmington POLICE LOG (Week of April 16, 2017)

WILMINGTON, MA  — Here are highlights from the Wilmington Police Log for the week of Sunday, April 16, 2017.

Sunday, April 16:

  • Police received a 911 call hangup. On call back, police confirmed it was a child playing with the phone. (9:44am)
  • A person was reported missing from Hathaway Road. Information was entered into the National Crime Information Center. (11:07am) [Editor’s Note: No further information provided.]
  • Police notified DPW that the stop sign coming out of the WHS student parking lot is upside down. (2:28pm)
  • Fire Department responded to a mulch fire at Burger King on Lowell Street. (3:10pm)
  • A caller reported her vehicle’s tires were slashed on Cedar Street. (6:39pm)
  • Police responded to a large group of vehicles in the WHS student parking lot. Police spoke to all parties and advised them to find another place to “hang out.” All trash was picked up and parties were sent on their way. (10:38pm)

Monday, April 17:

  • Police notified DPW of a downed tree blocking the roadway on Phillips Avenue. (9:22am)
  • Samantha O. Swanson (25, Billerica) was arrested on outstanding warrants for shoplifting and operating a motor vehicle with a suspended license. (10:09am)
  • Lifeline reported they received a pendant notification around 316 West Street. Police were unable to locate. Tewksbury Police located woman at her home and she was fine. (11:43am)
  • A caller reported an abundance of razor blades in the roadway at Main Street and Glen Road. Police picked up multiple razor blades and contacted Mass Highway to clean the street. A second caller reported a flat tire in the area, possibly due to the razor blades. (3:21pm)
  • Police was out with a suspicious vehicle behind Dunkin Donuts on Middlesex Avenue. Female passenger was urinating in the woods. Police advised her and sent the vehicle on its way. (10:51pm)
  • A neighbor called in reporting seeing flashlights in a house under construction on Ledgewood Road. Police responded. Contractor’s brother and realtor were going through the house. Checked OK. (11:28pm)

Tuesday, April 18:

  • Police received a parking complaint regarding a large trailer and dump truck parked overnight on Jacques Lane. Possible responded and vehicles were obstructing one lane of traffic. Police were unable to make contact with paving company. (7:24am)
  • Animal Control Officer removed a deceased large bird from the roadway of Woburn Street. (8:06am)  Officer also removed rabbits on Lawrence Street (8:05am) and Glen Road (8:09).
  • Fire Department responded to a carbon dioxide alarm on Eleanor Drive. (8:28am)
  • Police received a parking complaint regarding two parked tractor trailers on both sides of the road causing traffic issues at Andover Street and Jonspin Drive. Police moved both vehicles to the same side of the road. Vehicles weren’t in violation of any posted signage. (2:30pm)
  • Police notified DPW that speed limit sign by dentist office at Main Street and Clark Street is obstructed by bushes. (8:40pm)
  • A caller reported receiving harassing phone calls. Police advised the alleged harasser and updated the calling party. (9:11pm)

Wednesday, April 19:

  • Shannon J. Espinosa (36, North Reading) was issued a summons for operating a motor vehicle with a revoked registration, having an uninsured motor vehicle, and speeding. (10:18am)
  • Police received notification that a former employee of Frito Lay on Ballardvale Street that was terminated on April 7 has yet to return company iPhone and handheld computer. (10:54am)
  • Mark T. Young (28, East Providence, RI) was issued a summons for unlicensed operation of a motor vehicle. A Concord Street resident reported an orange pickup truck with 4-5 occupants pulled into her driveway and said they were going to pave it. Police responded. All parties were advised to cease soliciting. (1:43pm)
  • Animal Control Officer had a conservation with an individual walking their dog on the new Yentile Farm track on Cross Street. (2:29pm)
  • A Reed Street caller reported a younger male was operating an ATV in the roadway. When the caller confronted the driver, he was threatened. Police spoke with parents of driver, who will address the situation when he gets home. (3:27pm)
  • An Adams Street resident reported extra patrols in area during 7am to 9am and 2pm to 4pm due to execessive speeding. (3:39pm)
  • A church employee at the Wilmington United Methodist Church reported her was office door was broken down, drawers were askew, and items were missing. (4:58pm)
  • A caller reported teenagers were smoking marijuana in the skate park. Teens were gone by the time police arrived. (6:55pm)

Thursday, April 20:

  • Stefan Gochis (25, Wilmington) was issued a summons for operating a motor vehicle with a revoked registration; having an uninsured motor vehicle; and no inspection sticker. (6:58am)
  • Animal Control Officer retrieved an injured seagull and brought it to Best Pets Vet Hospital. (10:29am)
  • A Baker Street caller reported a man in an older dark colored jeep with primer on the hood was operating erratically and nearly struck her child. Police were unable to locate the vehicle. (1:45pm)
  • Police advised drivers of ATV’s who were riding on fields behind Town Hall. (2:16pm)
  • An employee at Wilmington Builders Supply reported an intoxicated customer just left driving north on Main Street in a gray Toyota pickup. (3:15pm)
  • A caller reported several juveniles in a dark jeep taking turns “car surfing” on Nassau Avenue. Police responded and did not witness any surfing, but advised the juveniles and sent them on their way. (3:17pm)
  • A caller reported an erratic opoerator that appears to be intoxicated on Lowell Street, driving without headlights and swerving all over the road. Car crossed into Tewksbury and Tewksbury Police tailed the vehilce for suspicious behavior. (7:54pm)

Friday, April 21:

  • Jeffrey Benedicto (26, Lawrence) was issued a summons for unlicensed operation of a motor vehicle; no inspection sticker; and registration not in possession. (1:38am)
  • AAA called to report a member who was traveling on 93 South when debris hit and broke her windshield. Driver was able to exit highway and pulled into Avalon. Police responded and driver checked OK.  Driver was told to contact State Police. (5:17am)
  • A customer reported a disagreement with C&J Lawnmower over services. Police responded. Caller received his repaired lawn mower and was on his way. (9:04am)
  • Animal Control Officer responded to call reporting a bird in a chimney of Morse Avenue. (10:15am)
  • Resident reported to DPW that a cement elephant planter was removed from a gravesite at Wildwood Cemetery. (1:47pm)
  • A caller reported a candidate for town office was inside Deming Way, soliciting votes. Police responded. Candidate was no longer in the area. (3:55pm)
  • Metro PCS on Lowell Street reported an irate customer who kept coming in and out of the store yelling.  Police responded. Customer was gone by the time police arrived. (5:28pm)
  • A caller at K1 Speed reported his cell phone was stolen in the past 30 minutes. Police to retrieve security footage from business. (10:15pm)

Saturday, April 22:

  • Police checked the Woburn-Wilmington line for a party who fled on foot after hitting a rock wall at 913 Main Street in Woburn. Police located the man.  Woburn Police took him into custody. (2:11am)
  • An officer was flagged down by an employee of United Tool and Die on Eames Street requesting extra patrols from 3:30pm to 4:30pm due to excessive speeding. (9:38am)
  • Caller reported dirt bikes racing on Border Avenue. By the time police arrived, bikes were gone. (12:57pm)
  • A caller reported an issue with vehicles running over razor blades in front of C&J Lawnmower on Main Street. It happened to her son on April 17 and it just happened to a friend today. Police checked the area, but were unable to locate any blades this time. (1:44pm)
  • A caller reported kids were playing kickball/dodgeball in the intersection of Shawsheen Avenue and Carter Lane.  Police responded. No game was going on. (2:00pm)
  • A caller reported finding bones on Woburn Street while walking her dog. Police responded. Bones were determined to be animal bones that had been there awhile. (6:14pm)
  • Fire Department responded to a small brush fire at the Recycling Center on Old Main Street. (6:27pm)
  • A Glen Road caller reported extra patrols between 8pm and 8:30pm due to excessive speeding. (7:54pm)

(DISCLAIMER: This information is public information.  An arrest does not constitute a conviction.  Any arrested person is innocent until proven guilty.)

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