Wilmington POLICE LOG (Week of April 9, 2017)

WILMINGTON, MA  — Here are highlights from the Wilmington Police Log for the week of Sunday, April 9, 2017.

Sunday, April 9:

  • Police received a report of larceny of clothes and alcohol during fundraiser on Saturday night at the Wilmington Knights of Columbus Hall. (7:06am)
  • An Ohio Street caller reported his house was egged sometime overnight. (7:58am)
  • A Pineridge Road caller reported a black Nissan Pathfinder operated by a black male may have just taken items from a neighbor’s yard. Neighbor, who was listening on the scanner, called in to clarify that it was just a newspaper delivery driver. (8:24am)
  • Two mailboxes on Tacoma Street were torn off its posts overnight. (10:37am)
  • Fire Department responded to and knocked down a shed fire on Allen Park Drive. (1:16pm)
  • Benjamin Keenan (25, Mason, NH) was arrested for possession of a Class D drug and on outstanding warrants. (9:16pm)

Monday, April 10:

  • Police notified Mass Highway of large part holes at Main Street and Clark Street. (8:26am)
  • An Auburn Avenue resident reported 2 baby foxes in the area. Animal Control Officer to follow up. (9:51am)
  • A caller reported their green 2009 Dodge Caravan was struck while parked at Main Street Consignment & Thrift. (11:32am)
  • A passerby reported a dog in a white jeep parked outside Panera Bread.  Police were unable to locate vehicle. (3:33pm)
  • A caller reported two syringes were found on the sidewalk on Boutwell Street. Police retrieved syringes for destruction. (6:48pm)
  • Fire Department responded to a small fire, caused by cooking, at Windsor Place on West Street. (7:45pm)

Tuesday, April 11:

  • Animal Control Officer removed a deceased black domestic cat from Main Street. (8:09am)
  • Police issued EIGHTEEN citations for texting while driving on Main Street, Burlington Avenue, Lowell Street, Glen Road, Ballardvale Street. (8:25am-3:02pm)
  • Police issued a citation for impeded operation to a driver wearing headphones while driving on Salem Street. (10:12am)
  • Police retrieved 4 hypodermic needles in front of Firestone on Main Street. (1:20pm)
  • Police notified DPW and Electric Light of a down wire at the intersection of Burlington Avenue and Boutwell Street. (3:00pm)
  • Fire Department responded to a brush fire on Cochrane Road. (4:39pm)
  • A Border Avenue caller reported dirt bikes in the area. Police were unable to locate. (8:49pm)

Wednesday, April 12:

  • A piece of furniture was dumped in the roadway on Jewel Drive. Police notified DPW for removal. (1:17am)
  • Officers restored the peace between a mother and son arguing over a sweatshirt after a neighbor called police. Son left for school. (6:33am)
  • Police installed 4 car seats during their weekly drop-in hours. (1:29pm)
  • Police responded to an argument over a handicap parking space. A citation was issued for a handicap parking violation.  A separate complaint regarding a hit & run was filed as the car parked in the spot had a new large dent in one of its door. (3:26pm)
  • A 3-vehicle crash took place in front of the MBTA parking lot on Main Street. One driver was taken to the hospital. Mass Highway was contacted to clean up glass in the roadway. (4:29pm)

Thursday, April 13:

  • Fire Department responded to a truck fire on Andover Street. (3:32am)
  • A Shawsheen Avenue resident reported his rock wall was struck sometime overnight. (9:49am)
  • A caller reported at approximately 9:45am, he observed the occupant of a silver car throw a bag of trash from the passenger side window while vehicle was on Lowell Street, near Burger King. (9:56am)
  • A Wabash Road vehicle was entered sometime since Sunday. Registration and handicap placard was taken. (11:50am)
  • A gray 2008 Honda CRV struck a home on Andover Street. 2 mailboxes damaged. Vehicle towed. No injuries noted. (12:13pm)
  • Police, with assistance from Billerica Police, retrieved a cell phone that was reported stolen from Savers. (12:23pm)
  • A Lake Street caller reported a possible injured goose on her property. Animal Control Officer to contact Mass Wildlife. (2:23pm)
  • Caller reported a dog was a in a vehicle at Rizzo’s Pizza parking lot for at least 40 minutes and seemed to be in some distress.  Vehicle was gone by the time police arrived. (4:36pm)

Friday, April 14:

  • A black 2013 Hyundai Elantra and a white 2002 Ford Cutvan were involved in a crash at Sonny’s Mobil on the Run on Lowell Street. No injuries noted. (8:55am)
  • Police received a report of credit card fraud that took place on April 4 at the Wilmington Target. (9:27am)
  • Police received a 911 hangup. On callback, police spoke to resident who stated child was playing with the phone. (2:01pm)
  • State Police contacted Wilmington Police to notify them they receive a call reporting a man appeared to be throwing things over the Route 62 overpass. Police responded, but the man was gone. (2:06pm)
  • Police receive a report of kids riding gas-powered minibike on Fitz Terrace. Police advised parties. (2:09pm)
  • A walk-in party reported a hit & run at the Dunkin Donuts on Lowell Street. (4:15pm)
  • On a routine check of the Boutwell School, police were notified by two parties in the parking lot they that saw someone on the roof.  Police investigated and found a female on the roof.  Fire Department brought a ladder to get the female off the roof. Female was sent on her way. (8:51pm)
  • Robert A. Provenzao (51, Woburn) was arrested for OUI Liquor (2nd Offense), Negligent Operation of Motor Vehicle; Leaving Scene of Property Damage; and Marked Lanes Violation. Provenzao was involved in a 2-vehicle crash near Jimmy’s Garage on Main Street and drove off. (10:30pm)

Saturday, April 15:

  • Police escorted the Minutemen during their annual reenactment at the Town Common. (2:08am)
  • Fire Department and State Police responded to a vehicle fire on 93 South near Exit 38. (7:44am)
  • A caller reported two young children were soliciting lollipops in Panera Bread. They were previously soliciting at Starbucks. Police responded and advised the children’s mother.  They were sent on their way. (11:01am)
  • A walk-in party reported she was in a minor motor vehicle accident in the Reading Cooperative Bank parking lot (Lowell Street) yesterday and wanted the incident logged. (2:27pm)
  • A caller reported a vehicle struck a stone wall on Shawsheen Avenue and continued driving. Billerica Police eventually located driver, who was issued a summons for leaving the scene of an accident with property damage. (2:43pm)
  • A Buckingham Road caller reported she heard a noise outside last night. She just noticed a dent in her neighbor’s green SUV with rocks surrounding the vehicle. (4:15pm)

(DISCLAIMER: This information is public information.  An arrest does not constitute a conviction.  Any arrested person is innocent until proven guilty.)

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