Wilmington POLICE LOG (Week of March 19, 2017)

WILMINGTON, MA  — Here are highlights from the Wilmington Police Log for the week of Sunday, March 19, 2017.

Sunday, March 19:

  • An Amherst Road caller reported that last night, around 9:15pm, they opened their front door and found a small piece of paper burning on front steps. Caller was able to extinguish.  Caller noted unfamiliar pick-up truck on street. Police advised caller to call immediately if it ever happens again. (8:51am)
  • Police noted the glass in a ground level window at the Roman Hose was missing. Police notified DPW. (11:41am)
  • A Dunkin Donuts (Concord Street) employee reported Subway was not open for business, but the door was unsecured and people were entering the establishment. Police was able to secure door and contacted owner. (12:21pm)
  • Police conducted fire lane enforcement at Market Basket. (2:20pm)
  • Police was flagged down by a Horseshoe Lane resident claiming there was a strong odor of decomposition from the apartment below. Apartment and resident checked OK. Residents will follow up with maintenance to see if there’s a deceased animal in the vent. (5:20pm)
  • A resident reported two vehicles were keyed on Cedar Street. (6:02pm)
  • Elizabeth Rivera (38, Lawrence) was arrested on an outstanding warrant. (10:35pm)

Monday, March 20:

  • Police issued 7 parking citations at the MBTA Parking Lot on Main Street. (11:57am)
  • A Pinewood resident reported extra patrols due to excessive frequent speeding on the street. (4:26pm)
  • An individual found a female’s wedding band in the Wilmington Plaza parking lot near TJ Maxx and Olympia Sports. Police logged the ring into evidence. (5:00pm)
  • Jose Alfredo (28, Lynn) was issued a summons for the unlicensed operation of a motor vehicle and miscellaneous motor vehicle equipment violations. (5:27pm)
  • Police received a call reporting a vehicle was stuck in the car wash at Triton Car Wash on Main Street. Police called business owner, who explained instructions to open car wash doors in case of emergency. Police was unable to speak to original caller to relay instructions.  The vehicle was  eventually able to free itself and requested to speak to an officer. When police arrived, vehicle in question had already left. (6:52pm)

Tuesday, March 21:

  • Police notified RMLD of a pole on Industrial Way that appears splintered and loose. (12:49am)
  • A 3-vehicle crash occurred at Lowell Street and Woodland Road. No injuries. A blue 2016 Chevy Silverado was towed due to brake issues. (7:47am)
  • A Congress Street caller reported a tan vehicle with pink hood and trunk driving slowly through the neighborhood.  Driver was an older white male with a long white or gray beard. Police was unable to locate. (8:07am)
  • A West Street resident reported their trash barrel was missing. Police notified DPW for replacement. (9:35am)
  • A Burlington Avenue caller reported someone is moving her trash and recycling barrels when she puts them out, and the truck cannot pick them up because they are repositioned. (3:22pm)
  • Police were called after a 2 year-old locked herself in a bathroom. (6:13pm)
  • Police dispersed six vehicles parked in the Fourth of July Building parking lot. Occupants were made to pick up trash around vehicles before leaving. (7:01pm)

Wednesday, March 22:

  • A Dunkin’ Donuts employee found a cell phone in a snowbank and notified the police, who retrieved it and brought it back to station. (8:32am)
  • Police issued a citation for texting while driving on Middlesex Avenue. (9:01am)
  • A Market Basket employee reported a male was outside the store trying to sell his EBT card. Man described as white, slight build, wearing a white sweatshirt, dark pants, and a black back pack. A second caller described the man as black, 30-40 years old, wearing a gray hoodie and black pack pack. Police located the man and drove him to Lowell District Court on an unrelated court appearance. (9:41am)
  • A gray 2007 Toyota Prius struck a pole at Glen Road and King Street Ext. At least one was transported by the Fire Department. Vehicle towed. RMLD and Verizon notified. (10:55am)
  • Wilmington Police installed 4 safety seat installs during its weekly drop-in hours. (11:05am)
  • A walk-in party reported theft by an employee at Jiffy Lube on Main Street. (12:09pm)
  • Police issued 6 parking citations in the MBTA Parking Lot on Main Street. (1:12pm)
  • Market Basket reported 2 females stealing merchandise. Both females were described as white, 20’s, wearing black hats and tops. North Reading Police to visit females’ home. (7:14pm)
  • A caller reported a road rage incident on Butters Row Bridge. (7:50pm)
  • Shell Gas Station on Middlesex Avenue reported a shoplifter. Man was described as white wearing a Patriots jacket. Man was found at Pizza Mia and returned all property. (8:35pm)
  • Tewksbury Police reported an Escalade hit a fire hydrant on Main Street in Tewksbury while trying to illegal pass a vehicle. Wilmington Police were unable to locate. (8:39pm)
  • A caller reported a scam after sending $2,500. (10:25pm)

Thursday, March 23:

  • A 2-vehicle crash occurred on Main Street near CVS. Both vehicles towed. No injuries noted. One driver was cited for a red light violation. (5:19am)
  • Police notified DPW that the “keep right” sign on the median entering the Wilmington Crossing plaza is missing. (6:19am)
  • Police issued 2 speeding citations on Glen Road and 2 speeding citations on Woburn Street. (1:15pm)
  • Police notified Public Buildings Department that the school zone lights outside the Wildwood School is not flashing. (2:26pm)
  • A CVS employee reported a van has been parked in the lot since 8am.  Caller believes someone is living out of it and it’s been an ongoing issue.  Police spoke with the vehicle’s owner and sent him on his way. Employee was not interested in issuing a no trespass order. (6:42pm)
  • Police issued a fire lane citation to a vehicle in front of Target. (8:19pm)
  • Police responded to a call that an animal was making loud screaming noises in the woods on Dorothy Avenue. (11:35pm)

Friday, March 24:

  • Police received a call that a dog (silver maltipoo) got out on Dunton Road around 11:30pm. Police received another call that the dog was attacked and is now deceased. Animal Control Officer to follow up in the morning. (12:38am)
  • Police checked the Allen Park Drive area after a report of a coyote. Clear. (9:36am)
  • A caller reported a road rage incident at King Street and Garden Avenue. A caller stated an older white sedan was speeding past a bus stop. The caller waived her umbrella at the vehicle.  The driver stopped, yelled at the caller, and requested her husband come outside. (3:22pm)
  • Gretchen E. Hayden (40, Wilmington) was arrested for OUI Liquor, Possession of Open Container of Alcohol in Motor Vehicle, and Reckless Endangerment of a Child.  Hayden was pulled over near the Corner Store on Shawsheen Avenue.  [Editor’s Note: It’s not explicitly stated in the log, but I believe at least one child was in the car given the endangerment charge. In addition, police notified DCF.] (3:37pm)  Hayden was released, but immediately taken into protective custody. (6:20pm)
  • Gean Comes (34, Lowell) was issued a summons for unlicensed operation of a vehicle. (5:26pm)
  • An Andover Street resident reported he believes someone tried to enter his home during the day. Caller said there were signs of attempted forced entry on screen, gate and pool house door. (6:40pm)

Saturday, March 25:

  • A gray 2008 Kida Rondo and a white 2013 Lexus were in a crash on Salem Street. No injuries. Both drivers claimed to have the green light. Police did not observe an apparent issues with the traffic light cycles. Both vehicles were towed. (10:00am)
  • A Washington Avenue caller reported her elderly mother was possibly scammed out of money. A stop payment was placed on the check. (1:42pm)
  • A caller reported two white males in grey hooded sweatshirts were attempting to break into a vacant house on Glen Road. Police responded. Parties claimed they were retrieving belongings set along fenceline. Police notified realtor that home was not secured. (4:49pm)
  • An anonymous caller reported ATV and go-cart speeding around Fitz Terrace. Police spoke with the operators’ parent. Vehicles were put away. (5:07pm)
  • Fire Department responded to a small brush fire on Andover Street. A homeowner was burning pallets and was able to extinguish the fire himself. (7:26pm)
  • An employee at Chili’s reported he witnessed a male threatening physical harm to a female. Male left in a red Ford Focus. Police located the man, who denied the threats. (7:50pm)
  • A male party on a bicycle on Grove Avenue, heading towards Lake Street, appeared intoxicated and was screaming at the top of his lungs. Police responded and were unable to locate. (11:40pm)

(DISCLAIMER: This information is public information.  An arrest does not constitute a conviction.  Any arrested person is innocent until proven guilty.)

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