Wilmington POLICE LOG (Week of February 19, 2017)

WILMINGTON, MA  — Here are highlights from the Wilmington Police Log for the week of Sunday, February 19, 2017.

Sunday, February 19:

  • A good samaritan found a wallet in the 99 parking lot with debit/credit cards, cash and gift cards and brought it to the station. Police contacted the owner for retrieval. (8:46am)
  • A good samaritan located a debit card in the ATM machine at Reading Cooperative. Police responded and placed the card in the deposit box at the bank. (10:33am)
  • A caller reported a dog, appearing emaciated, was loose near Sunrise Market. A caller could not get close enough to dog, but kept it in area by feeding it. Owner eventually came by to pick up dog. Animal Control Officer will follow up with owner. (3:16pm)
  • Police handed out three written warnings for speeding on Butters Row. (6:00pm)
  • A good samaritan turned in an iPhone that she found at the Citizens Bank ATM. (8:14pm)

Monday, February 20:

  • Police sent four Billerica juveniles on their way for playing afterhours in the Shawsheen School playground. (12:44am)
  • Javier Fantauzzi (27, Lawrence) was issued a summons for operating a motor vehicle with a suspended license and no inspection sticker. (1:05am)
  • Zaida Cruz (40, Dorchester) was issued a summons for operating a motor vehicle with a revoked license and failure to wear a seat belt. (1:54am)
  • 3 mailboxes were vandalized overnight on Ashwood Avenue, possibly struck with a baseball bat. (8:41pm)
  • After receiving a call from a passerby, police responded and helped a gentleman into his vehicle after his  wheelchair got stuck in the mud. (11:14am)
  • Planet Fitness staff contacted police after a gym member refused to leave for not following gym policy. Police responded and advised man of policies. Man’s gym membership was terminated and he left the building. (11:34am)
  • A caller reported a suspicious item floating in the river on Federal Street. Police responded and situation checked OK. (5:34pm)
  • A caller reported locating a syringe in the parking lot of Body Infusion. Item was removed. (5:48pm)
  • Thomas Chagias (46, Tewksbury) was arrested for an OUI (2nd Offense) and negligent operation of a motor vehicle. Chagias was involved in a 2-vehicle crash at Main Street and Church Street. Both vehicles towed. No injuries noted. (6:53pm)

Tuesday, February 21:

  • Max D. Faulkingham (20, Burlington) was issued a summons for no inspection sticker, miscellaneous motor vehicle equipment violation, and unlicensed operation of a motor vehicle. (1:35am)
  • Animal Control Officer assisted in removing a raccoon stuck in a dumpster at NER Construction on Woburn Street. (8:23am)
  • Daniel Tobin (28, Wilmington) was arrested on a warrant of apprehension and transported to Woburn District Court. (10:30am)
  • Police responded to a crash involving 3 vehicles near Auto Body Supplies on Main Street. One vehicle was on it side.  An occupant was partially ejected.  Vehicle was on top of occupant, but bystanders lifted it off of her. Fire Department requested a medflight, but then cancelled it.  Occupant was taken by ambulance to Lahey Clinic. (11:39am)

  • Mia Curtatone (22, Wilmington) was arrested on a warrant of apprehension and transported to Woburn District Court. (12:51pm)
  • Party reported his vehicle on Houghton Road was recently broken into, but nothing was taken. (3:00pm)
  • A Cunningham Street caller reported his mailbox was smashed. (9:19pm)
  • A Roosevelt Road caller reported his mailbox was knocked over around 8pm. (9:45pm)
  • A black 2014 Volkswagen Passat struck and killed a deer on Salem Street. Vheicle was towed. (10:11pm)

Wednesday, February 22:

  • A Jacquith Road resident reported his neighbor’s mailbox appears to have been smashed. Police confirmed. (1:51am)
  • A gray 2013 Ford Taurus struck a deer on Shawsheen Avenue. Deer was injured, but the decision was made not to euthanize. (5:38am)
  • A Fiorenza Drive caller wanted it logged that someone knocked over his mailbox overnight. (7:14am)
  • Police issued 3 speeding tickets on Forest Street. (8:02am)
  • Margaret Chambers (60, Tewksbury) was issued a summons for operating a motor vehicle with a suspended license, driving an unregistered motor vehicle, and speeding. (9:12am)
  • An Ashwood Avenue walked in to report a vandalized mailbox. (10:13am)
  • An Adams Street resident reported possible identity fraud. (11:08am)
  • Police installed TEN safety seats during its normal weekly hours. (11:48am)
  • A female reported medication was stolen from her Evergreen Drive apartment. (1:15pm)
  • A Scaltrito Drive reported there was a squirrel trapped in her home. She requested an officer to assist in the evacuation of the rodent. Squirrel was gone by the time police arrived. (5:46pm)

Thursday, February 23:

  • Joseph E. Malho (49, Woburn) was issued a summons for operating a motor vehicle with a revoked license, miscellaneous motor vehicle equipment violation, and failure to wear a seat belt. (12:53am)
  • Kevin P. McDonald (53, Billerica) was issued a summons for operating a motor vehicle with a revoked license, driving an uninsured motor vehicle, and no inspection sticker. (6:57am)
  • Silas D. Williams (29, Wilmington) was arrested on a warrant of apprehension. (8:40am)
  • Matthew Astuti (23, Tewksbury) was arrested on outstanding warrants (operating a motor vehicle with a suspended license, failure to pay fines). (9:35am)
  • Police issued 3 parking citations in the MBTA Parking Lot on Main Street. (12:05pm)
  • A caller reported her purse was taken while at Panera Bread. (2:07pm)

Friday, February 24:

  • Police issued 3 speeding citations on Glen Road. (8:37am)
  • Police received report that a 16 year-old girl was receiving harassing texts and phone calls from an ex-boyfriend who lives in Wilmington. (10:08am)
  • A Wilton Drive caller reported a suspicious vehicle parked on the street. Police responded. Vehicle belonged to a realtor doing business in the area. Situation checked OK. (10:43am)
  • A Panera Bread employee reported an ongoing issue with a suspicious man coming in the restaurant. Man left before the police arrived. (12:47pm)
  • A Lexington Street caller reported a check of his property after witnessing a man walking around his house taking photos. Police responded. Man was an insurance agent. Situation checked OK. (1:07pm)
  • A motorcycle was involved in an accident on Chestnut Street. No major injuries, but operator was transported to Lahey Clinic. (4:45pm)
  • Police moved along a group of juveniles playing football on the high school field. (10:27pm)

Saturday, February 25:

  • Police observed a mailbox sitting upright on the sidewalk on Woburn Street, with no post in the area. (2:27am)
  • A Park Street caller reported a large sink hole was forming on the sidewalk area in front of his residence. Police confirmed hole and notified the DPW, which will fill the hole on Monday. (9:48am)
  • A truck spilled a box of screws on Lowell Street, near Reading line. Screws were swept out of the roadway. (12:39pm)
  • Police received report of 4 ATVs racing about the Vermont Road neighborhood. Police found the 4 ATVs on Ohio Street, followed them back to their residence, and advised operators. (4:33pm)
  • A caller reported a large black SUV traveling in excess of 75 MPH heading south on Route 125. Police were unable to locate. Vehicle may have gotten on highway. (4:59pm)
  • Police advised two vehicles parked in the fire lane at Market Basket to move. (6:19pm)
  • Resident called to report a possibly injured coyote in the North’s school yard. Police responded. Coyote does not appear to be injured. (10:59pm)

(DISCLAIMER: This information is public information.  An arrest does not constitute a conviction.  Any arrested person is innocent until proven guilty.)

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