Wilmington POLICE LOG (Week of October 16, 2016)

WILMINGTON, MA  — Here are highlights from the Wilmington Police Log for the week of Sunday, October 16, 2016.

Sunday, October 16:

  • Megan Linton (40, Malden) was arrested on a warrant for possession of a Class B substance. (12:55am)
  • Police noticed a 50-inch TV was left on the side of a dumpster behind the Woburn Street School. (2:14am)
  • Scott MacLeod (44, Boston) was arrested for OUI Liquor (3rd Offense); Unlicensed Operation of Motor Vehicle; and Marked Lanes Violation. MacLeod was arrested on Clark Street. (3:09am)
  • A caller reported an individual was hanging a sign on the bridge near Exit 40 on 93 North. Police responded. Individuals from the Taunton Flag Group were putting up flags and had permission of the DPW and State Police. (8:33am)
  • A caller at FedEx Center on Cornell Place reported a deceased deer in the driveway. (11:32am)
  • A blue 1998 Saturn struck a pole near Burger King on Lowell Street. Police was cracked. Police notified RMLD. No injuries reported. Vehicle towed. (8:03pm)

Monday, October 17:

  • A caller reported he saw an individual inside the Stop & Go Sub Shop on Jefferson Road “duck down behind the counter” when he drove by to deliver papers. Police responded. Individual in question was an employee of the sub shop and was prepping for the morning. Situation checked OK. (4:44am)
  • A calle reported an owl appeared injured in the roadway on Wildwood Street near the Cemetery. Owl would eventually fly off. (6:46am)
  • An employee reported money missing from the safe at Jiffy Lube on Main Street. (7:42am)
  • A caller reported a verbal argument over a parking spot at the Registry of Motor Vehicles on Middlesex Avenue. (11:39am)
  • A Birchwood Road resident reported his inspection sticker was removed from his rear license plate. He was unsure when it actually happened and wanted the incident logged. (1:29pm)
  • A Woburn Street caller reported a red tractor towing a motor boat took out a blind roadway mirror. Police responded and notified DPW. Tractors driver wanted to pay restitution. (1:53pm)
  • A Shell Gas station customer notice a dog locked in a vehicle that appeared in distress. Animal Control Office responded. Dog belonged to an employee.  Dog had food and water and appeared OK. Animal Control Officer satisfied. (2:59pm)
  • Jean M. Baguidy (39, Wakefield) was issued a summons for making a false statement in applying for a vehicle registration.  Baguidy became irate and refused to leave the RMV. (4:18pm)
  • A caller reported a possible solicitor  at AL Prime Gas Station claiming to be from Bank of America. Solicitor was requesting people take a survey and will receive $5. Police responded. Solicitor had permission from the gas station owner and works for “Quick Test.” Situation checked OK. (4:35pm)
  • Police noticed the street sign at Mink Run Road and Hopkins Street was missing. (4:58pm)
  • A caller reported 12 pairs of his shoes were thrown away by his soon-to-be ex-wife. (5:39pm)

Tuesday, October 18:

  • A yellow 2002 Saturn SL struck a pole on Lake Street. Vehicle was towed. No injury reported. (12:01am)
  • An off-duty officer reported 3-4 juveniles in the area of Taft Road and Boutwell Street, possibly intoxicated. Police could not initially locate them. Police then spoke with one of them, who stated they were just dropped off and there was no issues. (1:22pm)
  • Animal Control Officer removed a turtle from Route 62. (3:08pm)
  • A red 2000 Ford F150 rear-ended a brown 1999 Honda Accor prior to the intersection of Middlesex Avenue and High Street. No injuries noted. (3:18pm)
  • Police responded to report of kids smoking near the skate park on Shawsheen Avenue. There was no evidence of smoking. Police advised 4 youths on skateboards of the skate park rules. (3:20pm)
  • A caller witnessed a young boy running down King Street with a white car with hazard lights on following him. Police responded. The operator of the vehicle was the boy’s father. Boy was training for a marathon. (4:14pm)
  • A caller reported her 8 year-old daughter was walking on Presidential Drive when she believes an uber drive in a black Honda took a picture of her. (7:05pm)
  • Police received a call over a dispute at Sonic.  Employees were threatened after a disagreement over the price of food. (10:41pm)
  • A nurse from Lawrence General called to report a past dog bite at a residence on Baland  Road. (11:11pm)

Wednesday, October 19:

  • A resident reported broken glass in the street by the stop sign at Oakdale Road and Shady Lane Drive. Caller noted it was a school bus stop.  Police notified DPW for removal. (6:59am)
  • A caller reported a gray 2007 Nissan was driving north on Lowell Street at an estimated 80 MPH. (8:07am)
  • A Cummings Properties employee reported a car has been parked in their lot for a week and now has missing plates. Police attempted to make contact with vehicle’s owner. Company decided it will tow the vehicle by Monday. (9:26am)
  • A Sprucewood Road resident reported a man in a white pickup truck has been parked in the neighborhood over the past couple of days. When approached, he is very vague about his reason for loitering. Police responded. Situation checked OK. Individual was working. (11:50am)
  • Police received report of a golden retriever left in a gray 2010 Toyota Corolla for a prolonged time in a Lowell Street parking lot. Dog appeared to be panting heavily. By the time police arrived, the vehicle was gone. (1:30pm)
  • A Middlesex Avenue neighbor overhead a mother yelling at her son, threatening him. Police responded. The argument was over schoolwork. No emergency. (2:03pm)
  • A North Street resident had her mailbox damaged by the mailman. Resident will follow up with postal service. (3:24pm)
  • A gray 2012 Audi and a red 2006 Ford Freestyle were involved in a crash near Greg’s Roast Beef on Main Street. Owner of the Audi was issued a citation for marked lane violation and written warning for impeded operation. No injuries noted. Both vehicles towed. (5:14pm)
  • A minor car crash was reported on the Butters Row Bridge. One of the vehicles left the scene, under the impression the other driver did not want to exchange information. (5:19pm)

Thursday, October 20:

  • State Police notified Wilmington Police of a car over the guardrail prior to Exit 41 on 93 South. State Police to handle.  (1:01am)
  • A Dunkin Donuts employee on Main Street reported a car was just at the drive-thru and the operator may have been intoxicated. Employee not sure of which direction the vehicle went. Police unable to locate. (2:19am)
  • A resident turned in ammunition for destruction at the public safety building. (9:58am)
  • A gray 2003 Honda Accord and a lavender 2015 Ford Edge were involved in a minor crash on Ballardvale Street. No injuries noted. (11:43am)
  • A hit and run occurred in the Market Basket parking lot.  A parked 2014 Honda Accord was struck. No witnesses. Vehicle received minor damage to front passenger door and front fender. Police advised owner to contact insurance company. (11:55am)
  • Bank of America security team reported their ATM on Main Street was vandalized. (1:21pm)
  • A driver called to report her tire had fallen off her vehicle, which was blocking the intersection at Salem Street and Woburn Street. Caller was making arrangements for a tow. (2:01pm)
  • A Hopkins Street resident reported his mailbox was smashed as some point over the last few days. Resident reported it’s been an ongoing issue. Resident also reported Hillary Clinton lawn signs have been stolen or damaged in the past. (2:49pm)
  • Paul R. Carrier (54, Wilmington) was taken into protective custody on Columbia Street. Man was reportedly stumbling in the roadway. (8:23pm)

Friday, October 21:

[NOTE: The police log entries from early Friday, October 21 to early Saturday, October 22 were NOT in the official police log binder as of October 27.]

Saturday, October 22:

  • A caller reported the front end of his vehicle was vandalized while on Grace Drive. (11:49am)
  • Police stopped a suspicious vehicle behind the Senior Center. Driver appeared to be dumping rugs into the dumpster behind the Center. Police warned the operator and sent him on his way. (2:22pm)
  • Police assisted a driver who was locked out of their vehicle in the Lowell Five Bank parking lot. (5:47pm)
  • A minor vehicle crash occurred in the Lucci’s Supermarket Plaza. No injuries noted. (5:47pm)
  • Police issued a summons to Cary M. Lord for operating an unregistered motor vehicle, having an uninsured motor vehicle, and a license plate violation (wrong plates). Lord was pulled over in the Lucci’s parking lot. (6:07pm)
  • A Mozart Avenue caller reported she had an injured bunny in her driveway. Bunny passed away before Animal Control Officer arrived. (7:07pm)
  • Fire Department transported an intoxicated man from the commuter rail after receiving a call from transit police. (9:10pm)
  • Gage L. Cronin (24, Weston) was issued a summons for operating a motor vehicle with revoked registration and having an insured motor vehicle. Gronin was pulled over on Woburn Street. (9:57pm)

(DISCLAIMER: This information is public information.  An arrest does not constitute a conviction.  Any arrested person is innocent until proven guilty.)

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