POLICE LOG for August 11: Driver Runs Over Geese; Pitbull Attack; Resident Finds Golf Cart

WILMINGTON, MA — 68 incidents were entered into the Wilmington Police Log on Tuesday, August 11.  Here are ELEVEN highlights:

  • Glass was reported broken on a rear door at NNR Global Logistics USA on Ballardvale Street. Police conducted a walk through and everything checked out okay. (6:23am)
  • An anonymous caller reported people on the beach were using loud vulgar language. Police reported a verbal argument between girlfriend and boyfriend. A knife was located after a vehicle search was consented to. Police contacted one of the party’s probation officer. Peace was restored and the couple was sent on their way. (6:57am)
  • Caller reported a red Honda Accord ran over geese that were crossing in the roadway on Andover Street. Police found two deceased geese in the middle of the roadway. (9:50am)
  • A white 2011 Ford Ranger and a black 2005 BMW were involved in a minor motor vehicle crash at Main Street and Grove Avenue. One of the vehicles was town-owned. No injuries reported. Police assisted with photos and paperwork exchange. (10:52am)
  • Caller reported suspicious activity in a black Escalade by the loading docks at Target. Police sent the car on its way. (12:22pm)
  • A Jones Avenue caller reported she was scammed out of $950 via a money gram. (12:27pm)
  • The top of a telephone pole on Hopkins Street was seen smoldering. Fire Department handled. Reading Municipal Light was notified and also responded. (12:55pm)
  • An Oakdale Road caller received several phone calls from Mega Millions for Jamaica. No personal information was exchanged. Police logged the incident. (2:40pm)
  • A Kilmarnock Street resident reported a possible abandoned golf cart on her property. Police investigated — it was not a town-owned golf cart and it did not belong to a golf course in Reading. (4:40pm)
  • Resident reported he was walking his dog on Main Street when a pitbull jumped over the fence and bit his dog on the stomach. He is unable to tell if skin was broken. He will speak with the Animal Control Officer tomorrow. (5:02pm)
  • The 30 MPH speed limit sign near the Woburn Street School exit was found knocked over. DPW was contacted. (10:59pm)

DISCLAIMER: This information is public information.  An arrest does not constitute a conviction.  Any arrested person is innocent until proven guilty.

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