POLICE LOG for June 14: Possible Bobcat Sighting; Dispute At Pizza Shop

WILMINGTON, MA — 46 incidents were entered into the Wilmington Police Log on Sunday, June 14. Here are EIGHT highlights:

  • A minor motor vehicle crash occurred between a gray 2010 Honda Accord and a white 2010 Chrysler on Lowell Street. No injuries reported. (10:28am)
  • Police conducted fire lane enforcement at Market Basket, moving along 12-13 cars. (12:45pm)
  • A Woburn Street caller reported he believes a bobcat just went through his yard. The animal appeared to be limping. Caller wanted the incident logged. (3:07pm)
  • A motor vehicle crash occurred between a green 1998 Lexus and a green 2009 Ford Fusion on Main Street. No injuries reported. (6:15pm)
  • Police received a call of a man bothering an employee at Brother’s Pizza on Main Street.  Man had left prior to the police arriving. Man then walked into Police Station and stated he is an ex-employee and they were having a dispute over final payment. Man claimed he was owed $250, but was only offered $230. Due to a language barrier, police advised man’s cousin via telephone how best to handle the situation. (5:25pm)
  • A caller on Lowell Street reported suspicious activity around her house in the last couple of weeks. People appear to be driving very slowly and looking in her window. She requested extra patrols. (8:06pm)
  • A paintball was shot at the window of a house on Allen Park Drive. (10:20pm)
  • While on 93 South, prior to Exit 38, a car hit a parked vehicle that had been involved in a prior accident. State Police handled the situation. (11:11pm)

DISCLAIMER: This information is public information.  An arrest does not constitute a conviction.  Any arrested person is innocent until proven guilty.

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