POLICE LOG for June 13: Cops Called On Unruly Walgreen Customer

WILMINGTON, MA — 35 incidents were entered into the Wilmington Police Log on Saturday, June 13. Here are SIX highlights:

  • A caller reported a man had just laid down off to the side of the road on Chestnut Street.  Police locate man who stated he just had an argument with his wife in Woburn and went for a talk.  Woburn Police Department was notified and reported no calls related to the argument. (11:08am)
  • Pharmacist at Walgreens called police after a customer refused to show her license to receive a prescription.  Store issued a verbal notice of trespass to the customer, who left the store. Police advised pharmacy to contact police if customer returns. (3:01pm)  It appeared the customer did return, possibly threatening the pharmacist, and the police did respond. (3:38pm, 4:06pm)
  • Reading Cooperative Bank had a false alarm. The front door was left open, likely an employee oversight. Keyholder completed a walk-through and was advised to review the security footage and contact the station if any issues were noted. (6:23pm)
  • When police were securing the parking lot at Town Beach, they noticed a car was parked in it past closing. Police attempted to notify the vehicle owner, but were unsuccessful. Police wound up securing the gate and locking the car in. (8:42pm)
  • A caller reported a car was parked sideways on Moore Street with its flashers on. Police noted the car was disabled. Police stayed on scene to help with traffic. AAA eventually arrived. (10:11pm)
  • Police noted suspicious activity in front of St. Thomas and investigated. Two individuals were just clearing out of a baby shower and waiting for a ride. (10:33pm)

DISCLAIMER: This information is public information.  An arrest does not constitute a conviction.  Any arrested person is innocent until proven guilty.

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