POLICE LOG for June 6, 2015: Woodchucks, Horses, Birds & Cats

WILMINGTON, MA — 64 incidents were entered into the Wilmington Police Log last Saturday, June 6. Here are SEVEN highlights:

  • 2 horses were reported running loose on Chestnut Street. Both horses returned to their yards.  No one would answer the door at the homes belonging to the horses. (5:56am)
  • A Carson Avenue caller requested to speak with the Animal Control Officer regarding a family of chipmunks living in her yard. (9:40am)
  • A caller reported a needle at Town Beach.  Police retrieved it and destroyed it back at station. (11:39am)
  • A Woburn Street caller reported a cat in her yard that appears very thin and “not doing too good.”  Caller believed cat belonged to house in the neighborhood.  Police called that residency and left a message.  Resident did call back to claim her cat. (11:53am, 12:45pm)
  • A caller reported a man was in a National Grid truck stating he had to do some work on her house’s gas pipeline. National Grid was contacted — they stated no work was scheduled at that location, but they could not view subcontractor work. Police spoke with man, who checked out as just updating the house’s gas meter. (1:15pm)
  • A Fiorenza Drive caller reported two possible dead birds under her porch.  They likely fell from a nest.  Police gave her the number to Wilmington Wild Things. (6:43pm)
  • A caller reported a leaking fire hydrant on Laurel Avenue. Water Department inspected hydrant and noted there is a leak, but the hydrant is still operable for now.  Hydrant will need to be re-built. (6:55pm)

DISCLAIMER: This information is public information.  An arrest does not constitute a conviction.  Any arrested person is innocent until proven guilty.

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