POLICE LOG for June 5, 2015: An Arrest, Alleged Drug Manufacturing, Shoplifting & Suspected Public Intoxication

WILMINGTON, MA — 47 incidents were entered into the Wilmington Police Log last Friday, June 5. Here are SEVEN highlights:

  • Wires were reported down in the roadway on Burt Road.  Police notified Verizon.
  • Walter Steele (53, Boston) was arrested for operating a motor vehicle with a suspended license and on other warrants. (9:16am)
  • Lowell Street caller reported he keep receiving phone calls from a man claiming his father was involved in a crash and is demanding money.  Father was actually fine and not involved in a crash.  Caller wanted the incident logged. (9:50am)
  • Sally Taylor (56, Wilmington) was issued a summons for manufacturing Class D drugs (marijuana/hash). (10:24am)
  • Someone left 2 cinder blocks on the side of the road at West Street and Lowell Street.  Police notified DPW. (10:51am)
  • Shoplifting reported at Market Basket.  Manager chased suspect out and around building, eventually bringing the suspect back into the store. Market Basket decided not to take any further action. (4:43pm)
  • A caller reported a couple appear intoxicated.  Caller first saw them in CVS bothering people in the store, and they’re now rolling around on the ground in front of Sonic.  Police spot them in front of McDonald’s and have a conversation with them. (11:16pm)

DISCLAIMER: This information is public information.  An arrest does not constitute a conviction.  Any arrested person is innocent until proven guilty.

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