POLICE LOG for 5/11: Maryland Resident Driving Recklessly; Python On Side Of Road; Barking Dogs

WILMINGTON, MA — 72 incidents were entered into the Wilmington Police Log last Monday, May 11:

Here are SIX highlights:

  • The Animal Control Officer retrieved a deceased ball python from the side of the road on Lowell Street. (10:16am)
  • Caller reported a car with Virginia license plates operating erratically on Main Street and Lowell Street, crossing over double yellow lines and almost striking a telephone pole. Police observed the vehicle and pulled it over.  Operator had a suspended license from Maryland.  Police gave the man a verbal warning for using an electronic device while operating a motor vehicle.  Vehicle was towed to the man’s hotel.  Operator was told to follow up with the Maryland Registry regarding his license status. (10:57am)
  • Caller on Main Street reported he received numerous calls stating that he won money.  He asked the caller to stop contacting him.  He was advised a log entry would be made. (11:29am)
  • Police held safety drills at the Wildwood and Shawsheen schools. (1:55pm)
  • A resident reported her vehicle was damaged by a landscaper using a leaf blower on Salem Street. (5:17pm)
  • Caller on Burnap Street reported a dog barking outside in a yard on the street for more than an hour.  Party stated this was an ongoing issue.  Police noticed 3-4 dogs outside and an additional 3-4 inside.  All were barking.  Police spoke to a woman who no longer lives there, who believes the dogs outside have access to the inside, but was not positive. Animal Control Officer will follow up. (6:47pm)

DISCLAIMER: This information is public information.  An arrest does not constitute a conviction.  Any arrested person is innocent until proven guilty.

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