POLICE LOG for 5/7: Car Hits Gravestone In Wildwod Cemetery; Restaurant May Have Been Scammed

WILMINGTON, MA — 66 incidents were entered into the Wilmington Police Log last Thursday, May 7.

Here are SEVEN highlights:

  • Manager of Sunrise Kitchen reported that his restaurant may have been the victim of a “flim/flam” (a confidence game) yesterday. (8:34am)
  • A caller from Howland Development on Industrial Way reported protesters on site were making them fear for their safety.  Police found no threats were made and protestors left property. (11:08am)
  • A grey 2015 Chevy Colorado hit a gravestone in the Wildwood Cemetery.  There was minimal damage to the vehicle and no damage to the stone. (1:23pm)
  • A Fire Drill was completed at the North Intermediate School. (1:30pm)
  • A caller from Cedarcrest Road reported a woman in the area was yelling and causing a disturbance.  Police investigated.  Woman was just playing outside with her grandchildren. (3:41pm)
  • A caller from Hilltop Road reported receiving a phone call two days ago from a man who stated he was scheduling a fire inspection.  She scheduled an appointment for this Saturday at noon.  After hearing about the scams, she called the number to cancel, but the number was out-of-service.  Police advised her to contact them if the man showed up on Saturday. (5:39pm)
  • False alarms occurred at the High School (10:36pm) and the North Intermediate School (10:55pm, 11:38pm).

DISCLAIMER: This information is public information.  An arrest does not constitute a conviction.  Any arrested person is innocent until proven guilty.

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