POLICE LOG for 4/17: Kevin MacDonald’s Campaigning Lands Him In The Police Log… Three Times

WILMINGTON, MA — 72 incidents were entered into the Wilmington Police Log last Friday, April 17.

Here are SEVEN highlights:

  • Kevin MacDonald arrives at the High School and tries to drop off ‘Vote No On Article 23’ flyers. (8:45am)
  • A caller reports he was just involved in a verbal altercation with Kevin MacDonald, who is reportedly harassing customers in the Cumberland Farms parking lot. Police investigate and find MacDonald is passing out flyers for upcoming articles at Town Meeting.  Management at Cumberland Farms asks MacDonald to leave the property.  MacDonald complies. (8:51am)
  • Police are informed that Kevin MacDonald was handing out flyers on the sidewalk in front of the high school from 2:05pm-2:15pm, as students were leaving the school. (2:44pm)
  • According to a new Massachusetts law, residents must turn their headlights on whenever their windshield wipers are on. Wilmington Police have begun enforcing the new law.  A Honda Accent is given a citation on Middlesex Avenue for failure to use headlights while using wipers. (9:56am)  A Toyota Camry is given a citation on Main Street for failure to use headlights while using wipers. (10:04am)  A Nissan Pathfinder is given a citation on Burlington Avenue for failure to use headlights while using wipers. (10:25am)
  • A caller reports that a female was stumbling around inside a Dunkin Donuts on Main Street and has left the parking lot in a gray Honda Accord heading South. Wilmington Police checks area and doesn’t locate car.  Wilmington Police contacts Woburn Police. (3:50pm)
  • Employee at Late Night Scrappers on Bay Street reports a suspicious male knocking on their door. Police speaks with man who states he did not realize he had startled anyone and was just trying to check out the business. (9:44pm)
  • Alarm goes off at Eiro Car Center on Andover Street. Building checks secure, but police notice fresh tire marks in mud in parking lot. (10:28pm)

DISCLAIMER: This information is public information.  An arrest does not constitute a conviction.  Any arrested person is innocent until proven guilty.

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