POLICE LOG FOR 4/8: Restaurant Egged, Rabid Cat, Lots of Car Accidents

WILMINGTON, MA — 70 incidents were entered into the Wilmington Police Log last Wednesday, April 8.

Here are ten highlights:

  • A Mac Truck and Honda Accord were involved in a minor motor vehicle accident on Industrial Way. Police assisted with the exchange of paperwork. (9:05am)
  • Car hits hydrant on Main Street, causing minor damage.  Police notified the Water Department. (9:49am)
  • H&R Block attempted to process a resident’s return, but were informed that taxes had already been filed under the resident’s social security number.  Police contacted over alleged tax fraud. (10:01am)
  • The police assisted the Fire Department with a dumpster fire on Dorothy Avenue. (10:01am)
  • A caller on Faulkner Avenue reported a rabid cat is living in her neighborhood.  The police contacted the town’s Animal Control Officer. (10:20am)
  • State Police called in an erratic operator, which got off of 93 at Exit 40.  Vehicle was “all over the road,” struck the guardrail a couple of times, and appeared to be nodding off. (12:00pm)
  • Market Basket Manager called regarding an abandon truck (Ford Ranger) in his parking lot.  Police ran check and the truck came back expired.  Police attempted to contact owner at his home, but owner had moved.  Police left message for him to re-register the vehicle and move it from the lot. (4:33pm)
  • A Honda Accord and Chevy Silverado were involved in a rear end accident on the Exit 38 off ramp.  No injuries.  Police assisted with paperwork exchange. (5:20pm)
  • Police received a complaint via Twitter that a party at the School Committee Meeting was being disruptive.  Meeting wrapped up before police arrived. (8:45pm)
  • Big Joe’s Restaurant on Main Street was egged.  Owner will assess damage and determine whether to go forward with summons. (10:06pm)

DISCLAIMER: This information is public information.  An arrest does not constitute a conviction.  Any arrested person is innocent until proven guilty.

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